Our purpose “Building a better world, where development is for everyone”

We live our Mission each day

To achieve the growing generation of value providing life quality to consumers and exceeding our client´s expectations with well-known and cherished brands, effective innovation,superior service and excellent distribution. We manage our activities with high productivity, are committed to sustainable development and to the best in human talent, facilitating both their progress and an exemplary corporative behaviour.

Let ́s go with everything
towards our

By 2030 we will achieve our Chocolate Business sales of COP $3.5 Billion, providing quality of life to the consumer with products that meet their aspirations for well-being, nutrition, and pleasure. Sales will be 55% in Colombia and 45% in other geographies and the health and nutrition portfolio will be 30% of total sales.

We believe in our


and ethics.


  • Collaboration
    We are team players.
  • Trust
    We generate credibility.
  • Innovation
    The future in our hands.
  • Orientation to client and consumer
    Our raison d ́etre.
  • Passion
    Committed in mind and heart.

We practice Our

Be Nutresa TALENTS

We focus on our