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Accounting close 2021

According to the annual accounting closing, invoices will be received until Friday, December 17, 2021.

New Guidelines on the use of face shield mask

Dear supplier, check the new guidelines by clicking on the button.


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Preventive measures COVID19

Dear supplier, as a preventive measure, the entrance to our installations will be only with a rapid test discard issued by a laboratory accredited by the MINSA reported to the service applicant. Also remember to wear a mask on a mandatory basis.


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Dear supplier please note:

Download the manual to register in our supplier workflow here

  • Purchase orders for materials or services in PDF format directly to the registered email account and registration, as well as the Supplier Portal will serve as support for the consultation of the online OC.
  • You will be able to visualize your account statement of the payments made and pending in the financial module of the Portal.
  • If you are a supplier of raw material and packaging, you will have to activate the Quality Module tab. If any observation or rejection of material is presented, the action plan must be completed through the Portal.
To collect a product or service, you must present:
  • Letter of authorization, indicating the full name of the collection manager and a copy of the DNI of the same (only if it is the first time).
  • Original invoice fee or receipt fee.

Appreciated supplier

In order to promote new business relationships with future suppliers, we share the following link to enter:

Here you can register your corporate information and the shipment will be made directly to the buyer assigned by category