CNCH a water
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Published July 2021

With great joy and pride, we share the news that Compañia Nacional de Chocolates Peru has obtained the Blue Certificate, a distinction granted by the National Water Authority (ANA), to water-conscious companies that successfully implement the commitments assumed for their water footprint, reduction and its shared value program.

This certification was achieved by:

·         Water Footprint Program, for 10 years we’ve managed to reduce the impact on water resources by 44% in our water consumption. Thanks to the implementation of process improvements and good environmental practices from of all us who belong to the company.

·         The Reforestation and Implementation of a Water Capture System for drip irrigation Lomas de Lachay shared value project, of which, in alliance with the National Service of Protected Natural Areas of Peru, we launched a sustainable initiative to recover the forest cover of Lomas de Lachay and the collection of water for irrigation purposes.

This recognition inspires us to continue promoting saving the planet by raising awareness, both in our employees as well as the community, with respect to taking care of the environment, and even more so when it comes to the rational use of a vital element such as water, and in this way continue building a better world where development is for everyone.

Learn a bit more about the certified projects by watching the following video:


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