Peruvian Exemplary Supplier Published November 2023

Aligned with our purpose of building a better world where development is for everyone, Grupo Nutresa developed the Exemplary Supplier recognition, a space that, for the ninth edition, gave different distinctions to supplier companies in the geographies where the businesses operate.

On this occasion, Industrias del Espino, a supplier of CNCh Peru, won first place in the category Major Country Advancement 2022.

Industrias del Espino, a strategic partner in our growth and expansion that has been with us for 16 years.

More than 2,300 suppliers from eight geographies in which Grupo Nutresa operates were invited to participate, and 223 were nominated, of which 38 suppliers were finalists in one of the recognition categories. The suppliers recognized are those with the Grupo Nutresa strategy.

We are proud to work with strategic allies committed to building a future of us!

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