NutriAprendizaje: Developing communities with purpose Published September 2022

We know that together and with collective sense, we build a future together…

With that clear purpose, we crossed the walls of the National Chocolate Company of Peru, giving rise to the NutriAprendizaje program, whose objective is to develop communities with purpose, sharing knowledge on Safety and Health, Food Quality and Safety, and Environment.

Continuing the work begun in 2021, our network of volunteers provided the workshops “IPERC”, “Environmental Care”, “Food Quality Assurance”, “Winter’s Entrepreneurship”, “First Aid”where more than 40 representatives of the common pots of the Ancón District participated.

They were playful afternoons where the inhabitants internalized the importance of the application of these themes in their day to day, who later shared with joy this knowledge to the neighbors of the populations to which they belong.


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