We’re living Occupational Health and Safety Week! Published May 2021

In Compañia Nacional de Chocolate Peru, we are characterized for being a highly preventive enterprise, where our people, as an essential pillar of the company, champion with passion and commitment each of the actions in the operation, expressing the safety and health culture lessons learned by all of us that belong to this great team.

For this reason, on World Day for Safety and Health at Work, last April, at CNCH we developed different spaces and activities that help us continue to reflect on the comprehensive work of prevention and care for life, bringing us closer to fulfilling our MEGA 2030.

Among the diverse activities that we developed, we had listening and information spaces, called “Getting Activated with SSO”, where through dance, we motivated the #nostress and good work environment.  Also, as part of the campaign, we counted with the participation of our leaders, collaborators and SSO team who shared messages that mobilize and inspire us to continue living the culture of safety and health that characterizes us, because at CNCH… We are all prevention!
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