At the request of consumers, Pícaras launches its… New Mint flavor! Published June 2022

To the brand freshness and values that identify the well-known cookies now joins mint as its new flavor, a fresh flavor that comes to please the most varied tastes of the Peruvian public.
Pícaras, the iconic cookie of Compañía Nacional de Chocolates de Perú, which since 1981 is part of the heart of all Peruvians, renewed its image in 2021 to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

After the success of this rebranding, which contemplated a transformation of the brand adapting to the current challenges and without modifying its value proposition; today, the traditional round cookie dipped in chocolate comes with a new mint flavor.

The irreverent flavor combination is a limited edition that will be available in all sales channels for 3 months. This new flavor was created at the request of the Pícaras public, who, during the rebranding campaign, expressed this particular demand on digital platforms.

With the slogan “As Fresh as you” the brand has launched a 360° campaign that includes actions on TV, public roads, digital ads on Youtube, Spotify, Twitch, as well as an interactive strategy with a pool of influencers that will carry out a #ChallengePícaro soon.

Strategies such as the above reinforce the brand’s DNA, which is always looking to go further and differentiate itself from the competition.

The new flavor is available at your favorite supermarket. Don’t miss out on this novelty, run and get the perfect combination of mint and chocolate in its most Pícara version!

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