Winter’s is launching a new panettone with no raisins and no candied fruits. Published November 2022

At Winter’s we are always thinking about how to please all consumers. We are launching a new panettone with no raisins and no candied fruits, so that more people can enjoy a tastier panettone. 

Winter’s, the brand that has been present in Peruvian families for more than 40 years, presents a new product: Panettone with no raisins and no candied fruits. This innovation has created curiosity among consumers and has received great acceptance from them. 

“Last year, we discovered different consumer insights and ways of enjoying panettone; we began to communicate and to connect with our consumers to gain their preference. Therefore, always thinking about our consumers, this year we decided to do something disruptive and aligned to a way of consuming panettone: we removed raisins and fruits. We worked on a presentation that maintains the same traditional attributes, such as texture, flavor and aroma, but without the raisins and candied fruits”, said Mauricio Fernandini, Marketing Manager.


Winter’s Panettone without raisins and candied fruits, as well as the traditional Winter’s Panettone, is made with sourdough and keeps the same flavor, aroma and texture, but without raisins and candied fruits.

“This innovation is part of the Campaign we have worked on for this year to continue strengthening our position in the market. The communication campaign will address different contact channels such as TV, the point of sale actions and broadcasting on our brand’s social networks”, Mauricio Fernandini pointed out.

The new Winter’s Panettone with no raisins and no candied fruits is a limited edition. You can find it at WONG stores and through

To learn more about this campaign and the entire product portfolio, you can follow us as @wintersperuoficial on Instagram and @wintersperu on Facebook.

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